Villa Bogor Nirwana

Nama Proyek : Villa Bogor Nirwana
Klas :  Villa and Resort
Lokasi Proyek : Bogor Residence, Jawa Barat
Luas Tanah/Bangunan :
Arsitek : Suhartono, ST & Hexa dpavilion
Struktur : Thohiril Lazib, ST, MT
Desain Interior : M. Arifin, ST
Concept : 
a concept that I use is an analogy of plants “mushroom” growing among forest trees, built on a steep cliff area so it looks unbelievably spectacular and beautiful landscape view. comes with a touch of glass without frame so it looks like without a hitch. Villa composed grow where which of the cliff with a beautiful view with accent pool jutting from a cliff and the main wall Finished with natural stone” @by arton.


Villa bogor 01

Villa bogor 02